Writing Tip: Listen to Your Words

Good writing owes much of its worth to the sound and order of the words.  One may think that odd since so much of writing is experienced in silence.

If the words roll off your tongue, they will run the same way through the reader’s mind.  You can hear the voice of good writers, even if you’ve never heard them speak.  You instinctively know you are in the hands of someone who is passionate about what they’ve written. The writer has taken the time to listen to the sound of her words.

Words have effect.  They evoke images. They create feelings. You might use the word bright, when brilliant or flashing might have more sparkle.

Writing has a rhythm.  Too many sentences.  And you jar your reader.  Too many long, meandering sentences, containing several points might well put  him to sleep. It’s not a good idea to ask your reader to do too much work.  You want him to stay engaged in what you’re saying.  Isn’t that the point, after all?

Let’s face it.  Readers are fickle.  They can afford to be.  There is so much to pick from out there!  If you want to keep her reading, make it pleasant to be in your writing.

You can use the sounds and rhythms to make a point.  And mean it!  Or you can string them along with your flowing and visceral descriptions.  You can convey all kinds of emotions by the words you choose and the way you lay them down.

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