I am a writer by trade, a fiction writer by passion, and a seeker on the path by calling.

This is a blog for Writers. Writers who believe in the Art and Practice of writing. When I say Every Day, I mean writers who write or wish to write every day.  An Every Day writer always has a piece of paper and pen close by.  An Every Day writer depends on writing in one way or another.

This Blog is about writing with Spirit. Many of the essays, exercises and prompts are on using the lense of writing to get a better look at the being we are at our core.  And using that to create a deeper feeling of connection between our hearts and our words. I hope my posts will offer ways to see life and writing in a different, maybe, more positive light.

Seeing writing from different angles can’t help but sharpen the art of writing. A practicing Every Day writer will, I hope, discover more clarity and understanding of themselves as writers, and so to broaden craft and deepen practice.  I pray those aspiring to it find a welcome ear, inspiring prompts to get you writing and generous help and encouragement along the way.

If you prefer some of my other sides, please choose:

For help in Tuning up Business Communications, click here for my website, The Word Tech.

If you are firmly on the path, The Positive Slant On the Path, Observations on the Spiritual Refractions in Everyday Life, might be of interest to you.

Business could be your thing.  If so, try The Word Tech’s The Positive Slant on Business, Observations on Ways to Do Business with More Soul and Heart.

I also have a selection of Blogs From the Files of the Word Tech –
Rants and Raves – Rants on life and Raves of books and films and songs.
Scenes and Musings – Lighthearted essays on whatever catches my fancy.
Coming soon! The Word Tech’s Tool Box Magazine – a hodgepodge of helpful articles.  Watch for From the Files – Fiction.  Stories of Music and Magic.

You might want to check out my other website, UpWrite Words which is a clearinghouse for information on publications and spiritual resources.


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